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Anyone who wish to learn English



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Kids between 8-14 years of age


Spoken English


Personality Development


Level   – 1    English & Grammar

Objective: The course targets beginners, amateurs who have no or little knowledge of English language. It has an aim to resolving

Typical everyday expression and needs by using English as a medium. It encourages and enhances simple quotation and answers in English. By the end of this course one is able to communicate well with elementary/basic grammatical skills and vocabulary.

+English Self Introduction

+Simple Sentence Formation

+Basic Vocabulary

+Confusing Pairs of Words

+Routine Words

+Introduction to Tenses

+Question Handling

+Active and Passive voice

+Compulsion sentences

+Conditional sentences

+Imaginary sentences


+Parts of Speech



+Basic listening skills


LEVEL – 2  Advance Grammar & Spoken English

Objective: This course aims at strengthening  comprehension, communication and writing skills by using advanced grammar. Focus will be on the development of conversational skills with the proper language accent. You will be able to use communicative strategies to maintain a conversation in different contexts and situations. You will be able to rad and produce general texts about the quotidian aspects of life. You will begin to deal confidently with authentic listening and reading material.


+Advance Vocabulary


+Dialogue & conversation


+Story Telling


+Article Writing


+Telephonic Conversation

+Expressing Day To Day Activities


+Interview Preparation

+Voice & Accent Training

+Group Discussion

+Advance listening lessons

+Speaking fluency

+Speed check

+Idioms and phrases


Level –  3 Personality Developments

Objective: It has noticed that after getting good education people find themselves lacking somewhere when it comes to their own personality.  The find difficulty in facing public. It is therefore important to enhance their confidence from the prospective of individual and business situation. This course helps to grow you as a motivated and confident person with advance public speaking skills.

This course is for unemployed, self employed, professionals and all those who face problem in speaking. There is certainly no age bar for this course.

+ Professional Ethics & Morals

+ Interview preparation

+ Accent training

+ Professional Pronunciation &

+ Speaking skills

+ Group Discussion

+ Professional Presentation

+ Public Speaking

+ Leadership Skills

+ Time, Conflict Management & Stress Management

+ Real Time-case Studies Regarding

+ Professional Situation

+ Body Language

+ Business English Lessons

+ Professional conducts and greetings

+ Theories of psycho-analysis

+ Visualization training

+ Making Convincing talksVoice modulation

+ Changing mindset and self exploration


Our Strength

* Use of latest technological aid in classrooms.

* Qualified and experienced faculty.

* Well designed courseware.

* Different levels catering needs of various sections of society

* Excellent infrastructure and commitment towards delivery

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