“e-Accounting : Best Career Option in the field of Accounting & Finance”

Accounting is a growing field with huge range of opportunities. One of the factors about career in accounting is that, regardless of size and scale of all organization are required to keep track of their financial activities, transactions and budget as well as maintain and issue accounts. All of which require accountants. The issuance of new set of accounting and reporting standard by ministry of corporate affairs has made the roll of accountants even more significant in the corporate world.

In Order to address the need of qualified and expert accountants in the industry and leverage our experience in Accounting Advisory Domain, InfotechSoftnet Computer Education is offering E- Accounting course for them who are looking for a good career in accounting line.

In this Module Students will be equipped with good knowledge of computer System and Office Applications, Working in Windows environment, Hardware & Software, OS, Installation of various software & drivers, Using printing , fax, scanner etc. Windows tools and utilities , Microsoft Office 2013 with all its latest features and uses. Using and managing Offline e-mail clients (MS-Outlook). Internet & World wide web. COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS & MS-OFFICE
  • Hardware & Software, Operating System
  • Working in Windows 7/8, Features & Utilities
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT, Access)
  • MS-Outlook (Managing Online & Offline emails.)
  • Internet and World Wide Web
In this Module students will learn and understand the Accounting aspects, uses of Financial Accounting in Business , Accounting Principles and Documents etc. Financial accounting is the field of accountany concerned with the preparation of financial statements for users, It is used to prepare accounting information for people outside the organization or not involved in the day –to-day running of the company. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Accounting Terms, Principles & Equations
  • Debit & Credit , Ledgers, Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation, Error Rectification
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, P&L Account
Tally. ERP9 is the world’s fastest and most powerful concurrent multilingual Business Accounting and Inventory Management Software, and need skilled persons to use it. Accounts of an estimated half-million companies are being maintained on Tally and increasing by thousands each month. Tally is currently used across diverse segments like MNCs, Govt. & Local Businesses, job opportunities with the best companies in the country are immensely enhanced. TALLY.ERP9/BUSY ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE
  • Tally Installation, Features & Company Setup
  • Masters in Tally – Group, Ledgers, Inventory etc.
  • Order Processing/Challan/Bills, Purchase & Sales
  • Daybook, Payment, Receipt, Contra, Journal etc.
  • Invoices-Tax & Retail, VAT, CST, Forms etc.
  • TDS, Service Tax, Excise, Forms & Returns
  • Payroll, Payshlip, ESI, PF, Income Tax
Direct Tax :Direct Tax is the tax paid to the government directly by the assesses like the Income Tax or the Capital Gains Tax. All the collections of the direct taxes in India like the Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax, Securities Transaction Tax, Banking Cash Transaction Tax. DIRECT AND INDIRECT TAXES
  • Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax
  • Central Excise Duty, Customs Duty
  • Stamp duties and expenditure tax.
  • Income Tax or the Capital Gains Tax
  • Corporation Tax, Property Tax
  • Gift Tax, Wealth Tax
Indirect Tax : Indirect taxes are the charges that are levied on goods and services. Some of the significant indirect taxes include Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax, Central Excise Duty, Customs Duty, stamp duties and expenditure tax.
Electronic filing of income taxes, or E-filling, is the transmission of the required tax information directly to the Internet Revenue Services via electronic means such as a telephone or computer rather than filing a traditional tax form through the mail. Taxpayers may opt to file electronically via TeleFile, which transmits the required information over telephone lines from a touch-tone telephone or over the Internet by using a personal computer with approved tax preparation software. E- FILING
  • E-Return of Service Tax
  • E-Return of ITR
  • E-Filing of Excise Return
  • E-Filling of Vat Return
  • E-Filing of Vat Return
  • E-Filing TDS
  • APPly Online PAN/TAN etc.
Resume Writing: Your résumé is one of the most important tools you have when looking for a job. This Module will help you choose the right type of résumé for your situation.
Personality Development: Having a good personality is an important skill in life. It is not an easy feat to achieve but with these simple yet crucial steps, a good, well-meaning personality can be achieved by anyone.